Technology products


December 1

Research-oriented to apply in practice, IT faculty lecturers are increasingly creating more technology products. Below are some our science and technology products:
Support system for spell checking and DOIT copying detection
– Support system for design and automatic reporting
Virtual assistant for Vietnamese – VAV
– Group conversation system on mobile devices and Web based on WebRTC technology
– Vietnamese Human Genomes
– Online graphing support toolkit for SCADA applications.
– Toolkit to support application development using FingerprintSDK fingerprint device
– Teaching assignment support system.
– Management system requiring learners at VNU.
– Home School Products (
– A system for downloading and stitching satellite images
– Application of automatic translation of words in augmented reality with ARTranslator
– Nutrition management software for Preschools and Primary Schools
– The system provides photo spheres based on online maps.
– The system provides 360-degree video on the online map platform
– VnLoc event monitoring system
– Biometric passport authentication system (fingerprint, iris and face photo)
– ZCA public key certificate management and supply system
– Viet Tree Bank: Vietnamese annotation data set used in natural language processing
– Vietnamese processing tools
– Software to filter spam messages for mobile phones
– The system analyzes user views on the Web
– Solution for streaming video TVoD
– DiMS device monitoring solution
– VoIP systems allow phone calls over the network
– Network practice system based on two virtualization technologies GNS3 and vSphere

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