December 1

Every year, Faculty of Information Technology carries out a large number projects from different levels. The list of  the typical projects implemented recently is as follows:

– VNU-SMM: Automated online social media data analysis system for management and decision support in economy, politics, education and society

– Building a model of amino acid variation from genomic data

– Specification and verification of resource conflicts in multi-agent systems

– Automatic switching between form and application specifications for software verification

– Effective methods and tools for software specification and testing in an evolutionary context

– Development of component-based software engineering tools and methods

– Methods and tools for program analysis and applications in training

– Research on software testing in an evolutionary context

– Formal Semantic Framework for Model Matching and Verification in Software Development

– Methods and tools for quality assurance of component-based applications at Mitani Sangyo Corporation

– Modeling source code for applications at AIT, Mitani Sangyo to assess complexity and reduce risk when editing and upgrading

– Research and develop a tool to generate test data automatically from source code

– Research and develop tools to analyze the impact of source code changes and apply to reduce the cost of regression testing

– Researching the criteria for parallelization and optimization in refactoring source code for projects in the language

– Development of automated test data generation tools for C/C++ projects

– Simulate smart home temperature based on sensor network data

– Generate optimal test suites for arithmetic functions on embedded systems

– Verify Java program compliance with UML specification using aspect-oriented programming.

– Specification and verification of the interface’s interaction protocol using aspect-oriented programming

– Type system for determining the maximum resources of the component software

– Analyze the resource edge of a multithreaded program with transactions.

– Home School educational management technology solution

– Research and develop techniques to solve vehicle routing problems and new variants

– Formal base and language support for model transfer

– Formal bases and supporting tools for model manipulation in model-driven software development

– Research techniques and tools to support requirements specification and automatically generate artifacts in software development.

– Solution to support traffic users based on the movement behavior data of smartphone users

– Research a location-based service delivery model

– Discover frequent travel routes and efficient routing for vehicle sharing services

– Research and develop models and solutions to build Vietnamese entity search system (DT)

– Developing advanced techniques for pattern mining from event logs, building test software and application frameworks in Vietnamese enterprises

– Automatic Vietnamese question-answer system for information query in Vietnam National University

– Recognition and Analysis of user context from multi-source data for Ambient Intelligent systems

– Coding and communication of multiview video plus depth for 3D Television Systems

– Integration of WebGIS and multi-date and multi-resolution satellite image processing technologies for forest fire monitoring in Vietnam

– Analytical methods of satellite image processing for air pollution estimation in Vietnam

– Service oriented system for spell check and plagiarism detection

– High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content (ANIAGE)

– Multimedia application tools for intangible cultural heritage conservation

– Image processing techniques for UAVs

– Vision-based Recognition using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Unmanned Systems

– Royal printing woodblocks of Nguyen Dynasty: 3D reconstruction for digital preservation

– Integrating knowledge about language into statistical machine translation system

– Improve the quality of statistical machine translation based on dependent syntax information

– Research on quality assurance mechanism for hybrid Web service

– Researching methods of extracting scientific information and applying it to build a management system for Vietnamese scientific publications

– Research and develop advanced models to solve some bioinformatics-medicine problems

– Developing optimal methods to solve problems related to protein chains

– Deep learning detects pathogenic interactions at the molecular level between biomedical entities

– Research and develop advanced machine learning models that detect and extract drug/chemical and disease side effect relationships from biomedical text

– Optimize indexing method on spatial data warehouse

– Research on methods of selecting specific attributes to enhance the diagnostic capacity of the cancer diagnosis system

– Researching methods to extract features to develop effective algorithms to classify large data, especially in bioinformatics

– Customizers’ behavior analysis using smartphone

– Intelligent Transportation system

– ICT for sustaining and renovating logistic services in Vietnam, a UK-Vietnam research partnership

– Driving Assistant System

– UK-Vietnam institutional link in digital innovation for sustainable maritime logistics in Vietnam

– Research and application of iris recognition technique in biometric authentication

– Research and develop the process of issuing and controlling Vietnam’s electronic passports

– Feature strings and applications in multimedia data search

– Automatic collection of satellite images of Vietnam’s territory and applications

– Constraint-based local search and its application in the university scheduling problem

– Research and build a 360-degree video supply system for some main streets of Hanoi

– Research on main memory database processing model

– Traffic status information system in Hanoi city: Current situation and solutions

– Solution to support traffic users based on the movement behavior data of smartphone users

– Research, build a risk assessment and management system and support information security incident handling in e-government

– Research, design, manufacture equipment to detect and prevent computer network intrusion to serve the development of e-Government

– Analyze and mine teaching data and student feedback to improve the quality and effectiveness of training management

– Research and develop an automated platform to analyze and understand customers applied in retail, e-commerce and online advertising

– Researching models and testing to build an electronic service system for students’ learning and research

– Exploiting knowledge sources for proper name recognition in text

– Researching and building an elastic broker testing system for IoT applications in a cloud computing environment.

– Research and build a scalable big data stream processing system for IoT applications in a hybrid environment between cloud computing and fog computing.

– Research and build a cloud service system to warn of disease spread on cattle from heterogeneous data sources.

– AI-Cardio: An artificial intelligence system for diagnosis and prognosis of myocardial infarction based on echocardiography

– Research and implementation of decision support systems,

– Knowledge technology

– Combination optimization methods in knowledge technology, VNU

– RBF, VNU network training algorithms

– Machine learning methods and applications

– Building a set of sample designs for deep learning network models in the problem of locating text in images.

– Development of air quality monitoring network in Hanoi and mobile application about ONKK

– Assessment of air pollution impacts on health using an integrated approach from remote sensing image technology.

– Develop a system to periodically monitor changes in rice production in the Red River Delta.

– Urban Air Pollution and Cloud computing

– Air pollution monitoring and warning system using satellite images.

– Research, transfer and develop the GLCNMO global overlay dataset and the CEReS Gaia geospatial data collection, management, analysis and sharing system

– Toward an open resources upon services: Cloud Computing of Environmental Data

– FAirNet (FIMO air Pollution monitoring network)

– Master On New Technologies Using Services

– Using a multi-hazard and catchment based approach to understand and increase resilience in hyperexpanding cities in Vietnam and the Philippines

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