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Human-Machine Interface Laboratory

Human-Machine Interface Laboratory

November 27

Established in 2008, the Robot Interactive Laboratory has a team of highly experienced staff in scientific research as well as teaching. The laboratory has 1 associate professors, 4 doctors and 2 masters. Many PhD graduates from advanced training institutions in developed countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, France and South Korea.

The Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory is responsible for: Researching and deploying applications of human-computer interaction, natural language processing, image processing, computer graphics and image security, etc. To organize the implementation of integrated training and scientific research solutions, contributing to the implementation of the policy of channel-oriented training, high-quality training and international-level training. Performing tasks of undergraduate and postgraduate training. Laboratory researchers are trained in the field of computer science in a basic and intensive manner including:

– Natural language processing

– Computer graphics

– Image processing

– Processing videos

– Machine vision

– Remote sensing image processing

– Analyzing spatial–temporal data

Laboratory lecturer:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thanh Ha (Head)

Dr. Ma Thi Chau

TS. Ngo Thi Duyen

Dr. Tạ Việt Cường

– BSc. Phạm Tuấn Dũng

– BSc. Kiều Hải Đăng

– BSc. Lê Công Thương

– BSc. Hoàng Thị Linh


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