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Department of Software Engineering

Department of Software Engineering

December 8

Department of Software Engineering (DSE) was established in 2000. At undergraduate level, DSE is responsible for teaching modules related to software technology orientation such as Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Object-oriented analysis and design, Software testing, Formal methods. At the postgraduate level (including doctoral level), DSE is responsible for teaching subjects specialized in Software Engineering. Our lecturers are currently guiding more than 10 doctoral students.
Our main research topics include:
– Specification and Verification
– Software testing
– Software modeling
– Software architecture
– Spario-temporal data mining
DSE is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of IT in the research and development of software applications.

A tool for analyzing software change impacts

A tool for checking plagiarism and spelling

DSE has a close connection in teaching and research with corresponding departments of other major universities in the country such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, etc. The Department also has relationships with research groups from overseas universities such as JAIST, UT Dallas, and South-Eastern Norway University.

Regarding business cooperation, the subject teachers are cooperating in researching and developing software tools together with big domestic and foreign companies such as FPT Global Automotive, Toshiba, Mitani Sangyo, GAIO Technology, etc.

Lecturers of DSE:

– Dr. Dinh-Hieu Vo

– Assoc. Prof. Viet-Ha Nguyen

– Assoc. Prof. Ngoc-Hung Pham

– Assoc. Prof. Anh-Hoang Truong

– Dr. Duc-Hanh Dang

– Dr. Dieu-Huong Vu

– Dr. Thi Hong Nhan Vu

– Dr. Van-Khanh To

– MSc. Viet-Tan Nguyen

– MSc. Duc-Anh Nguyen

– MSc. Thu-Trang Nguyen

– BSc. Ngoc-son Nguyen

– BSc. Quang-Cuong Bui

– BSc. Thanh-Minh Mai

– BSc. Quang-Minh Nguyen

Adjunct lecturers:

– Assoc. Prof. Ninh-Thuan Truong

– Dr. Van-Hung Dang

– Dr. Duy-Tung Nguyen (Toshiba Software Development Vietnam)


Vo Dinh Hieu, Head of Department


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